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                KYN28-12 Metal Armored-enclosed Switchgear

                MV Switchgear



                KYN28-12 armored metal-enclosed switchgear can perform five main functions. The movable part of the switch cabinet can be equipped with vacuum circuit breaker, vacuum contactor, and other components.

                Structural Characteristics

                The switchgear consists of a fixed cabinet and a vacuum circuit breaker. The outer casing and the partition are made of high-quality steel plate. They have strong anti-oxidation and corrosion resistance, and the rigidity and mechanical strength are higher than ordinary low-carbon steel. Pressure relief plates are mounted on the top of the three high-pressure chambers. In the event of an internal fault, the pressure generated in the chamber can be released through the openings since the door is securely sealed.

                Locking/protection against unauthorized use.

                With a series of interlocking devices, the functions can be summarized as follows:

                • The circuit breaker can be closed (mechanical and electrical interlock) when the handcart is fully in the test or operating position.
                • When the handcart is in the test or running position without controlling voltage, the circuit breaker can not close, but can only open manually (electrical interlock).
                • When the handcart is in the test or running position without control voltage, the circuit breaker cannot be closed and can only be manually opened (electrical interlock)
                • When the handcart is in operation position, the control plug is locked and cannot be pulled out.
                • The grounding switch can only be closed when the handcart is in the test/isolated position or removed (mechanical interlock)
                • When the grounding switch is closed, the handcart cannot move from the test/isolation position to the operating position (mechanical interlock)
                Standards Compliant

                KYN28-12 switchgear meets IEC298, GB3906, DL404, and other standards. The protection level of the switchgear cabinet is IP4X. When the circuit breaker door is opened and the handcart is removed, the protection level is IP2X.