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                ZBW Series AC Combined Substation

                Box Substation



                ZBW Series AC combined substation combines high-voltage electrical equipment, transformers, and low-voltage electrical equipment into a compact complete set. It has the characteristics of strong set performance, small size, compact structure, safe and reliable operation, convenient maintenance and movable, etc. Compared with civil-based substations, the capacity of the box-type substation with the same capacity is usually only 1/10 to 1/5 of the conventional substation, which greatly reduces the design workload and construction volume, and reduces the construction cost.

                Structural Characteristics

                The box structure can prevent rainwater and dirt from entering and is made of a special steel plate. It is treated with anti-corrosion treatment and has long-term outdoor use conditions to ensure anti-corrosion, waterproof and dustproof performance, long service life and have?a beautiful appearance.

                Standards Compliant

                ZBW Series AC combined substation meets GB/T17467-1998 "high voltage / low voltage prefabricated substation" standard and IEC1330 standards.


                This product can be used in the fields of Urban high-rise buildings, railways, airports terminals, small and medium-sized factories, mining and oil fields, and temporary construction and electricity production sites.