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                Cable Distribution Box




                The cable distribution box consists of high-voltage switchgear consisting of cable accessories, load switches, electrical components, secondary components, and cabinets. It can directly disconnect the branch circuit and branch users without affecting the operational conditions of the main network and realize regional power failure maintenance.

                Structural Characteristics
                • The outer casing material is covered with an aluminum-zinc plating, and the surface covering layer is electrostatically sprayed, which does not fade for at least 15 years.
                • The enclosure has a degree of protection not less than IP33.
                • The outer casing is characterized by fire, dust, corrosion and salt spray c.
                • The protection level of the main circuit of the switchgear is not lower than IP65.
                Standards Compliant

                Common Technical Requirements of GB/T11022-1999 Standard for high voltage Switchgear and control equipment;

                DL/T486-2000 International IEC Standard for technical conditions for the order of AC high voltage isolators and switches.


                This product is used in a cable network for connection and disconnection, power transfer and distribution, which improves the reliability of power supply.