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                FOX Medium Voltage Switchgear

                MV Switchgear



                FOX is the core component of medium voltage switchgear, 12kV, 630A. this product can be used as a ring network unit for distribution networks or for supplying power to end-users which include the following protection options.

                • Transformer protection by fuse (Q scheme)
                • Transformer protection by vacuum circuit breaker (B scheme)

                There are two variations of FOX cabinet

                • FOX-NE compact

                Due to the compact size and small size area of the cabinet, it is easy to fit into a substation

                • FOX-DE: Scalable / Modular

                The modularization characteristics of the extensible FOX-DE switch cabinet make the expansion of the switch cabinet only need to be simply spliced on the left or right side.


                Structural Characteristics
                • SF6 gas insulation, not affected by an external environment
                • Flexible and diverse combination schemes
                • Small size and compact structure
                • The operation interface has a state simulation diagram, and the position indications of all switches are clearly visible.
                • Interrogative mechanical interlock system avoids unauthorized use.
                • With a 30-year service life, the main circuit is maintenance-free during its life span.