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                HXGN15-12 Ring Cabinet

                MV Switchgear



                HXGN15-12 is box-type metal-enclosed AC loop switchgear (referred to as "ring cabinet") is a new type of switchgear designed for the needs of urban power grid expansion and upgrading of the already existing infrastructures and. Ring cabinet is a very reliable and robust cabinet, the cabinet is small size and only need a space to occupy. The following are the four main functions this cabinet can perform.

                • It is assembled with 8MF material. The modulus hole E = 20mm is installed in the whole frame.
                • Isolation switch, vacuum load switch, grounding switch and cabinet door has perfect and reliable mechanical linkage and interlocking devices, which can effectively prevent unauthorized operation and ensure safe use and maintenance.
                • It can be operated manually and electronically.
                • "Five Prevention" Blocking Function.
                Standards Compliant

                The ring network cabinet complies with the relevant provisions of GB3906, IEC60420, and other standards.



                Widely used in urban power grid construction and upgrading projects, industrial and mining enterprises, high-rise buildings and public facilities.